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International Quran-Online Reading Academy (darul furqan) is an online Islamic resource centre which provides online Quranic Teachings that helps you and your children to learn, recite and understand the Holy Quran properly.

Darul furqan is a leading academy and recognized today for providing quality education particularly in the field of Online Quran teaching.

At darul furqan, we have the best team of professional Qaris and Qarias with excellent Qirat style and possesses the experience to teach Quran at any level and to any age group. Our carefully designed teaching plan enables both the teacher and the student to learn Quran with more effectively and efficiently.

By the Grace of Allah Subhan wa Tala, Muslims from all around the globe are enjoying the benefits of this service. They have learnt how to recite and learn Quran coupled with Tajweed rules. Our performance and credibility is quite visible from the satisfaction showed by our current subscribers in their comments. darul furqan is providing a range of courses to meet the needs of our customers. You can subscribe to our services by paying a nominal charge.

1. Our Tutors are fully Trained to Teach Quran, Arabic and Urdu Online. 
2. Highly Flexible Timings to suit your Needs i.e 24 Hrs. 
3. Qualified, Experienced & Trained Male / Female Tutors. 
4. 1 to 1 Teaching with full attention, dedication & devotion. 
5. Frequent Test System to Ensure Effective Learning. 
6. Recording of Teaching Lessons for Quality Assurance. 
7. FREE Additional Islamic Knowledge / Teaching. 
8. Frequent Parent - Teacher Online-Meeting to discuss Child’s Progress. 
9. Arabic, Urdu and English Language for Teaching and Communication. 
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed

1. Our Tutors are Highly Qualified and Experienced in Islamic Teachings. 
2. Our Tutors are fully Trained to Teach Quran, Arabic and Urdu Online. 
3. Most of our Tutors are Huffaz-e-Quran (have memorized whole Quran). 
4. Our Tutors have complete knowledge and awareness of Quran's Reading / Recitation rules. 
5. Our Tutors have Excellent Command on Arabic, English and Urdu Language. 
6. Our Tutors include Male and Female Qaris / Qarias.

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